socre release!!
nymaria (Posts 1)
8/15/2011 3:46:52 PM
i just have a question for those who took step 1 already. I f i take my exam on 8/19-2011 (friday), when will i or should i recieve my score? Thanks so much and gudluck everybody.

paco23788184 (Posts 1)
8/16/2011 11:26:43 AM
after 3 weeks, on wednesday. good luck

MeGh38146956 (Posts 1)
8/16/2011 5:18:36 PM
I think result who are appearing for Step 2 CK this month will be delayed till 28th september as new questions format is added and change in number of was in announcment posted on official website since long.
but any ways Best Of Luck!
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