popcorn (Posts 1)
6/25/2011 11:25:48 PM
Hi if someone cud email me or give a link for free download of FRED v2 Pls my exam is in 2 weeks.
my email ID is

erer66938571 (Posts 1)
6/26/2011 6:13:12 PM
lol are you serious, why can't you download it

popcorn (Posts 1)
6/27/2011 12:40:30 AM
erer66938571 wrote:
lol are you serious, why can't you download it

yes I m very serious..there's some kinda problem I dont know what's wrong, may be I m an IMG it's cuz of that..well if u have it pls email me or if u know some link pls post..that will be a great help.Thanks

popcorn (Posts 1)
6/28/2011 6:05:32 PM
so many views and no help ,pls some1 come forward and plssssssssss help me, my exam is on 14th of july .......

Marjan (Posts 1)
6/28/2011 6:51:20 PM
Just check the computer requierments before trying to download the sofrware.
Good luck

popcorn (Posts 1)
6/28/2011 7:05:32 PM

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