Multifactorial Score Calculator!
LiFe96069276 (Posts 1)
2/26/2009 2:57:58 PM
I just wanted to inform all of you interested that there is a pretty darn nice score calculator or graphic estimator available. I am not sure if everyone knows about it but since I did not know it existed maybe some of you are in my shoes. I am not sure how accurate it is but it correlates with other calculations that I found in my search and it is super cool!!! The best is that if you have taken NBME assesments or UW self assesments you can use all of the different types of sources and get a more accurate score estimate. The link for the page is if you copy and paste it in your URL it should take you right to it. I really hope this helps you out some and please let us know how you like it and your experiences. It took me about an hour and a half to find it (time that I was not studying), so I figured if anyone is looking for something like it, you could avoid wasting study time.


I have been reading your advise to people and I see that you are great giving advise. I am in desperate need of advise and hope that you are able to help me out. I know that you are busy but if you could take a few minutes to let me know if I am working on the right direction that would be priceless to me.

I started doing questions about a month ago. I began doing 48 at a time and the review process was long so I cut it down. Then I realized that perhaps that was not the best way to go and the last 11 tests have been 48. My current overall correct is 48% having 66% left on the question bank. My deep weaknesses are pharm and biochem. The last 11 exams my lowest score has been 18/48=29 and highest 28/48=58. I have no problem finishing in time, I usually have enough time to go back and check my marked questions and sometimes even end it with 1 to 2 minutes left. It is not a language barrier neither so I have to admit that my problem is knowledge. I am planning on working on pharm cards in a few days. My exam is in early May and as all of us.... I really want to achieve some level at least above 85. I really want to try to make it to next years match if that is even posible. So I am in panic mode. I have not taken any self assesment exams because I just do not think I am ready.

Thank you in advance and success to you and everyone,


susu21771141 (Posts 1)
2/26/2009 8:23:22 PM
Hi Lissete, thanks for your kind words,though of course i dont deserve them.I am sure after the exam is over -you too would know what to say to others on the same path,and you will make the effort too,that another fellow examinee be spared some of the anxiety we went thru then..See already-you took the effort to post the link-it would help many right now.Good work there friend.
Now abt your prep-If you think the problem is with the knowledge part- you need to do some more theory- maybe get Kaplan lecture notes and read them quickly. Where are you placed with First aid? You need to do that too. Biochem is a nightmare- but you can make friends with it-its going to get your score up.Pharm is a matter of rote- keep looking the drugs over every day if possible.Any chance of finding time to go over kaplan lecture videos for just these 2?
UW is a study tool- so every q matters- at the moment dont even look at your score(easy for me to say that)- just keep reading the explanations-whether you get the qs right or wrong-read them carefully. Revision is needed-coz its only the 2nd revision which would stay-1st time its short term-sort of vanishes in a week. Time is not your 1st concern at the moment-your score is-so at the moment work on getting the qs right.The best prep would be to do 50 qs aday-revise them the next morning,and then on the fourth day do a timed exam of the 200 you covered in those days..But then this is time consuming-easier for people with 4-5 mths with them-see what you can do.May is not too far-but its not too close either-provided you give your 110%. If you go thru my prev.posts you ll probably find my initial scores 30-40 ish but then by the end it wasnt so bad. Of course i am not the best example here- and i think you can do much better than i ever could- see you even started 10% higher!

LiFe96069276 (Posts 1)
2/27/2009 12:05:36 PM

Thanks a million for the great advise. I agree with everything you have written! I also think that you have a talent... Seriously the way that you are able to communicate and express your experience is nothing short of extraordinare, that on top that you actually take the time out to do it is admirable. Thank you and I will make your time and advise worthwhile on my end of the sphere. I will try my best not to focus so much on my average and simply work hard to improve. The books I have used are... First Aid (of course), Med Essentials and Constanzo's Physio! I do have some books that were donated to me by a dear friend but I think that it is highly unhealthy for me to believe that I can get through all of those by May! I also am reading currently Golyan's Pathology and I have been listening to his audio when I am not able to do questions or read (like when I go somewhere, ect). I am trying hard to finish the Patho Book but I only dedicate sundays to reading it! It is hard to stay strong and focused but I have many motivations to achieve the best I can, not only my great love for medicine (it is the only career that I have ever wanted since I was a little girl), but also the fact that I need to help my family. I have a beautiful 2 year old that deserves to have the best life I can give her. I will push myself to the limit!!!

Now do you suggest that repeat questions I got wrong or marked when I am creating a test? I am currently doing 48 Q's, timed, all divisions, all subdivisions, unused. I have done that from the beginning so I have not repeated any questions. I do mark them hoping that I could go back when I finish. Please let me know if that is an incorrect approach. I have not been taking notes because I am a super slow writter and it would take me forever and a day but I was hoping to go back to the marked ones and take notes then. However, from Passionate's experience I know that I have to change and take notes. I mean it makes absolute sense. Thanks and have a very productive day!!!

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