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At UWorld, we feel an obligation to provide students with only the best practice questions and explanations.  That’s why over 1 million doctors and nurses have trusted us to prepare them for their licensing exams.  We developed UWorld SAT using those same proven methods.  The SAT is important, and you deserve the best.

Key Features

  1. 1,400+ challenging SAT questions

    ›  Questions designed to replicate the SAT in every way
    ›  Content developed by experienced educators
    ›  Choose the difficulty level – low, medium, hard

  2. In-depth explanations

    ›  Step-by-step, systematic way of solving problems
    ›  Detailed rationales for incorrect options
    ›  Vivid illustrations to help master the content

  3. Performance and improvement tracking

    ›  Identify weaknesses and improve skills
    ›  Track time and improve speed
    ›  Compare with peers to gauge performance

SAT Qbank Highlights

Flag Questions

Flag questions so that you can easily review them later.

Flash Cards

Create your own study sets for quick review (formulas, vocabulary, etc).


Provides the starting point to answer difficult questions.

Time Tracker 

Improve your pace by tracking time while answering questions.

Performance Graphs

Track performance and compare your progress with others.

Multiple Devices

Practice questions any time, anywhere, on desktop and mobile devices.

Innovative Answer Explanations

Don't just take the SAT again.  To improve your scores, you must learn from your mistakes.  UWorld's answer explanations are the key to answering SAT questions correctly.

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Grammar
SAT test analysis

Why Choose Us?


Our questions are at or above the level of difficulty of the SAT, so you will be prepared for the actual exam.


We provide content-rich rationales for both correct and incorrect answer choices to give you a deep understanding of entire concepts.


Simple, user-friendly interface allows you to customize and create tests of your choice.


Fast, friendly, and reliable customer support is available to meet your needs.

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“SAT scores came out this morning and I am incredibly pleased with my score of 1570. UWorld SAT helped me on the sections that I struggled the most, which was reading and writing. In the upper score ranges, every question counts and I'm glad that I had the extra practice. I just wanted to say thanks so much to you and your team.”


“The UWorld practice questions gave me the confidence I needed to be successful on the SAT. I was thrilled to see my results from the exam in June!”


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“I grinded it out the whole summer and got a 1560 on the exam. I initially started at 1150, so I was stoked when I saw my score improvement. Thank you for this amazing program! I can't thank UWorld enough.”


“UWORLD is so great! They write questions nearly identical to the real SAT. They have all the types of questions you need to know, and they don't waste your time with questions that won't even be on the test. For every question you don't know, UWORLD will automatically show you the most efficient way to solve the question. I personally set aside 1 hour a day to do these problems until I had finished all the UWORLD math questions. I was able to turn my original 480 on the psat math section into a perfect 800 on the real sat. I highly suggest anyone who wants their SAT score to improve check out UWORLD!”


“Some questions were more difficult that [sic] the SAT itself, but that made the SAT that much easier.”