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About Us

Studying for the USMLE is very time consuming and tedious. We first realized this when we started going through the many books available on the market. We found only a few of which can be deemed as a complete and concise summary of the study material. We spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out which book is best for a particular subject, even after writing all of the USMLE exams. We still are not able to point at a single, consistent book which has the quality of being a complete guide to preparation for the exams.

We also faced another major problem of whether or not to enroll in coaching for USMLE. The coaching was provided at only a few places in the U.S., which were not convenient for us to commute to, and they also seemed too expensive for us. We felt it was a hassle to stay in some other place for coaching and to leave the family, so the main idea of online coaching cropped up. That is when we decided to give shape to our idea of developing a web based coaching system for the USMLE. Through this website, we decided to provide adequate and precise course material to candidates to prepare themselves for their licensing examinations.

And so our journey toward achieving this goal began. Collecting all the relevant data and the right kind of questions and filtering this vast information into a compact form has been very challenging.

We are a group of five doctors with excellent USMLE scores (99,97 -- 98,98 -- 99,95 -- 99,96-- 99,99). We are all doing residencies at different medical centers in the United States. We are confident enough to say that we have more firsthand knowledge of the content and format of the USMLE examinations than most of the authors who wrote the aforementioned books, because we are the ones who took the exams in recent years and have gained a full range of relevant knowledge through our residencies in the U.S.

We would like to thank all those persons who have made it possible for us to realize our dream of helping all the future candidates wishing to excel in their USMLE scores and looking for a bright future ahead.