USMLE Step2 CK Exam

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The "Step 2 Self-Assessment Exam (SimExam)" is UWorld's latest web-based product, which closely resembles the simulated experience of the actual Step 2 CK portion of the USMLE™. All content of the simulated self-assessment exam has been created through the individual efforts of UWorld’s own physician staff members.

Similar to the NBME Self-Assessment Exam, each exam consists of four blocks of 44 multiple-choice questions, with a total of 176 questions for the entire simulated exam. Each block contains diverse questions from different divisions and subdivisions of medicine. The questions are specially designed to reflect the most recent exam format and are selected from very high yield topics.

Our self-assessment exam will provide a detailed analysis of relative strength and weakness in difference subjects and systems. It also provides an approximate three digit USMLE score based on UWorld historical data.

The subscriber will have up to one hour to complete each 44 question block, with a cumulative test time of four hours to complete the entire exam. S/he will have an opportunity to take a break at the end of each block. While this simulated exam can only be taken once, the subscriber has the option to review the entire exam for up to two weeks.

Subscription Highlights

  • Four blocks of questions (44 questions per block) in timed mode
  • Completely different set of questions (not taken from Qbank) written based on most realistic exam content
  • Answers and detailed explanation for each question
  • Educational objective for each question
  • Board simulated interface software features (highlight, strike-out, annotation, searchable lab values, calculator, mark/flag items etc)
  • Score report with assessment score and approximate USMLE™ three digit score
  • Detailed analysis of relative strengths and weaknesses in different subjects and systems
  • Now consisting of sequence and media questions
Self-assessments Policy Access to individual self-assessment exam subscription is independent of the Qbank for combination packages. Each self-assessment exam subscription can be activated at any time and is valid for a two week period from the time of activation.

New Subscription and Renewal Fees

The following durations are offered for new subscription purchases and renewing existing active subscription. Renewals are offered for current active subscriptions only. Users should renew the subscription prior to the expiration date as renewals are not offered for expired subscriptions.

New Subscription
STEP2 CK Self-Assessment Exam Form 1 (2-weeks)
STEP2 CK Self-Assessment Exam Form Renewal (2-week)

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