USMLE Step 1 Exam


Here is a sample of the recent emails we keep receiving from our subscribers.

"I would like to thank the staff at usmle world for the great set of prep questions they have made!!i aced all my steps thanks to them(99 on both step 1 and 2CK, pass on the CS and 243 on the step 3)!!!i am indebted to your great service ill recommend you to anyone !!!"

- Farayi

"My step 1 is due in February 2014 and I am sure of competitive score by the time I finished with your Qbank in the way I wish to deal with it. I read Kaplan materials including video twice, FA x2 and some other materials but could not make much meaning out of most questions. However, since after just a round through Qbank,, information is falling in place. There is a road map, the concept is cross linking, it is just making sense to me. I am just glad I could access such wealth of knowledge. Thanks you very much."

- Cyprian

"I'm a IMG in Colombia. I Recently took the exam and although my main study material was with Kaplan, I think that what really gave me the edge to get a good score was USMLE world's question bank. I'd like to congratulate you guys because your QBANK gives the most exam-like simulation out there, and your feedback on the right and wrong answers are impressive. My score September 12, 2013 was 261."

- Jose

"Thank you for such an amazing q bank which helped me through out my step-1 journey."

- Jyothi

"2013 Official Step 1 Score Report -- 261, predicted score from both USMLE assessments taken 1 week prior --263. Clearly USMLEworld is doing something correct. The questions found within your immense question bank were absolutely crucial to my success and mastery of Step 1 topics. The detailed answers and diagrams found alongside each question were some of the best I have seen out there. Not only was your question bank full of high-yield concepts, the question difficulty felt very similar to the real exam. Thank you for your continued excellence in exam truly shows. Would do it all over again with this Qbank in a heartbeat."

- Sean

"Just wanted to let you know that I scored a 250 on my Step 1! Many thanks to your great Question Bank!!! As a non-US medical student (almost IMG) I was dependent on your question bank for providing me with practice materials, and I can say I am very impressed with the quality of the questions and correlation with the actual exam."

- David

"I wanted to let you know that I completed your step 1 self-assessments within a couple of weeks of taking the real test. On both occasions I scored 265 while in comparison I took the NBME practice test #12 and scored 257. My real step 1 score was 265, exactly as your self-assessments predicted (though at the time I didn't feel like I performed very well). I can attribute much of my success to your step 1 qbank, and I was impressed by the accuracy of your self-assessments."

- Chris

"I just wanna thank you for a great experience thru practice your questions. As a foreign medical graduate, I have to get used to practice a lot thru variety of questions for my USMLE 1 exam, and I've found your course of questions great to start that process of hard studying which will bring me nothing but success, I'm sure. Today is my last day of enrollment and I'm thankful for aloud me to practice thru your very good data base of the most challenging questions. Now, I'll study alone for a couple of weeks and than ill take your two block of practice tests. Looking forward to score good and believe that this course was positive experience we can just wish for."

- Biljana

"I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome qbank. I am not the typical med student. I am an OMFS resident and never went to med school. We are expected to pass step 1 with self study. All I needed to do was pass and I got a 226. I could not have achieved this score without UWORLD. Besides the amazing content of your qbank, the interface was EXACTLY the same as the real thing. This was a huge help to make this stressful examination more tolerable. Definitely would recommend this qbank to everyone. Will use again for step 2."

- Matt

"I had appeared for USMLE Step 1 on 3rd of Dec 2012. Just wanted to inform my score. It is 212. It was my first attempt. It wouldn't have been possible without your question bank especially studying 1st year medicine subjects after a gap of 11 years."

- Rahul

"Just got my Step 1 score today. 249 The real thing was spot on with the questions I saw on the QBank. This program is worth every penny...I'd gladly buy it 10x over. The questions helped me fill in the gaps of my basic science knowledge database...and now I have a good shot at nearly every residency across the country. Bought the Step 2 Qbank on Day 1 of MSIII...look forward to learning the material and becoming a sharper clinician!"

- Neil

"I just received my Step I scores today and was utterly thrilled with my 260. Your assessment taken about a week before the test was spot on placing me around 263, and I have to commend you on your question bank. It was excellent preparation for the Step I and I most certainly shall be returning to use it for my future exams. Thank you!"

- Darcy

"Thank God I passed STEP 1 after several failed attempts. This time I decided to go by faith and practice for a final re-take using ONLY USMLEWorld (I had previously used very expensive Kaplan programs, and failed). During my preparation I did not touch a single text for my preparation, and I am glad to say it worked out!!!! I passed STEP 1. Massive thanks to the USMLEWorld team. I will see you guys for STEP 2."

- Fola

"I just wanted to say that your question bank was by far the best preparation for me for the USMLE Step 1. I subscribed to several question banks as well as purchased many NBME assessments, doing over 12,000 practice questions and I can say that going through USMLEWorld twice was by far the most helpful. I also thought that the USMLEWorld assessments were more accurate than the NBME assessments. I ended up getting a 255/99 on the USMLE and I just wanted share my success largely in part due to this question bank."

- Eric

"I am a student at an Osteopathic school in AZ, and did not want to be one of the 25% of DO students who fail the USMLE. So I looked for the best resource out there and USMLEWorld was the top choice. I did every question on your Qbank and read every explanation, and thanks to my God and wife and your Qbank I scored 242/99 on Step 1. I used First Aid and Goljan's pathology audio as my other main sources."

- Shane

"Thank you very much for assembling such a high quality program for 2011 USMLE Step 1 preparation! I focused on First Aid, USMLEWorld, and Goljan Audio, and I achieved a score of 251/99. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this score, and I look forward to using USMLEWorld for Step 2 and 3 preparation."

- Abraham

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a great study tool for the USMLE. I am a hardworking, average student who had an average MCAT and below average undergraduate GPA. I worked hard during my first year of medical school and did pretty well, but then I got a yearlong subscription to USMLEWorld for my entire 2nd year and used it to study for all of my 2nd year courses. USMLEWorld allowed me to study Smart, not just study hard, and not only did I honor every course 2nd year, but I did all of the questions over again for Step 1 and ended up with a 258/99! It is so great to feel like all of that hard work paid off, and I just don't think I would have mastered the material half as well without USMLEWorld. I have already bought the year long subscription for Step 2 and I am looking forward to entering that exam with the same level of confidence with which I entered Step 1. Thank you so very, very much. I love USMLEWorld and I feel like it has helped me get 1 Step closer to getting back to my family for residency."

- Michael

"USMLEWorld was central to my Step 1 preparation for 4 reasons: (1) Helped me identify the most high yield facts/concepts; (2) Taught me more medicine than my school lectures/syllabi ever did; (3) Strengthened my test-taking skills; (4) Hit me with difficult questions that provided a "reality check," which kept me focused, motivated, and sensible about my Step 1 goals. I scored 252/99. USMLEWorld is a must use resource."

- Ben

"I just received my Step 1 score of 238. This exam is tough! But USMLEWorld helped a ton. I did it almost twice through, then skimmed through "flagged" questions a couple days before the exam. The key is to stick with the studying habits that have worked in the past. Stay consistent with your studying and remember that this whole experience is a rollercoaster! It's okay to get frustrated, but this Qbank helps you orient with the computer-based test, so you have less things to worry about."

- Jessica

"I recently took step I of the USMLE, and I received a score of 242/99! I used Kaplan reviewers and videos, but your Q-bank for me made all the difference. Your Q-bank allowed me to gauge my weaknesses and strengths, and gave me the confidence to do well on the exam. Many thanks! I will certainly recommend your services to my friends!"

- Bo

"I want to thank you for Q banks step 1 and 2 ck. I had step 1 in october 2010 and got 99/248 and all the real exam Qs were from you Q-bank. I had step 2CK in May 2011 and got 99/258 but only the easy Questions in real exam from your bank but believe me the hard half of the exam I never saw before this style anyway you are the closest to the real exam. Wish me luck in CS and Step 3."

- Mohamed

"Just wanted to add to the various testimonials and to show my gratitude. USMLEWorld was a definitive source of information as well as manner to challenge myself and learn to understand the question structure, the cues and the clues for my step 1. Perhaps the most solid source of information, and quintessential in tallying up my final score: 245/99! Thank you very much and see you again soon for step 2!"

- Andres

"Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I wouldn't be surviving med school without you. I am using your Qbank for each of my end of term exams and it's working really well - Magic!"

- Claire

"I would to like to specially thank USMLEWorld for their extensive list of questions and explanations. It also gives the right feel of the exam and makes one feel more comfortable and confident during the real thing. It was a great help to me for my Step 1 and helped me score a 251/99. Thank you!"

- N. Nair

"This message is to the U World team to say a big thank you for your absolute value for money Q bank. Learning it was a great experience. I did the whole Q bank 3 times back and forth. I scored poor on the initial blocks but my confidence only grew towards the end. The exam was no surprise, and with my score 256/99. I only have you guys to thank!! Will definitely recommend U world q bank and looking forward to learning from it for the step 2 CK too."

- S Rao

"This is to express my heartfelt gratitude for the contributions you have made for my successful accomplishmemt of step 1(99/266), CK(99/274) and the CS(pass). And you have got the best material of all to get someone prepared for the USMLE. My study matrial mostly consisted of the USMLEWORLD (>60%)."

- Yared

"I would like to thank you for offering great questions for the USMLE STEP 1 preparation. Without Usmleworld QBank I don't think that I could get 228/98 as a foreign medical student. I'm sure that I will choose Usmleworld QBank for the next steps, too."

- Mehmet

"I just want to thank you for the great QBank you offer for step 1. I studied for 2 months using usmleworld and scored 99%. I will definitely continue using this source for my step 2 and 3. Thanks again!"

- Tania

"I would like to thank USMLE world. The best thing in here is there software. It is very similar to the original USMLE exam. I had 245/99 in both steps 1 and 2 CK."

- Abdul

"I would just like to thank you all for maintaining such a fantastic product. The USMLEWorld questions have been the mainstay of my Step 1 studying, and I am very pleased with how my practice scores are coming along. I also had subscriptions to question banks from USMLERx and Kaplan, and USMLEWorld's questions are far, far superior. The explanations, in particular, are simply superb. I would (and do, frequently) recommend USMLEWorld to anyone. It has helped me greatly, and I have no doubt that others can benefit similarly. Thanks again, and I look forward to using USMLEWorld for my Step 2 studies."

- Stephen

"I want to thank you for such a great study material for USMLE STEP 1. It really helped me in building my concepts and consolidating my learning. My test experience is that the questions were similar to USMLEWorld in format, length and concept judging. I really appreciate your effort in helping me taking my exam...THANK YOU........I will definitely make it a part of my Step 2 CK prep."

- Aprajita

"I just wanted to thank everyone who works at USMLEWorld for creating this incredible question bank. I have just received my step 1 score today. I got 99/255...and I owe it all to this incredible site. Thank you very very very much. I will definitely be using USMLEWorld for all my upcoming steps and will recommend it to all my friends."

- Inas

"USMLEWorld's Step 1 question bank was outstanding and helped me score a 228 (98) on my boards. The question bank provided a level of depth and reasoning I didn't find with other question banks. The explanations were thorough and the interface mimicked test day perfectly. This resource was helpful in both my medical school classes and in boards preparation. I trust World to help me prepare for Step 2 (and 3)."

- Will

"I studied 2 months before my exam with USMLE World, with scores around 70-80% at the end, receiving a score of 98/227! I also believe that the challenging questions in your Qbank make doing the exam easier! Thank you."

- Carolina

"Passed the Step 1 and just wanted to thank you for providing such a great product!!!!! Couldn't have passed (and didn't the first time around) without these great questions and review. Thank you again."

- Joey

"Indebted to USMLEWORLD question bank for the thoroughness in preparing candidates for the USMLE steps. Just by doing the Qbank I got 99 for both Step 1 and 2!!! Congratulations on a fabulous resource."

- DL

"It's really the god's blessings that the USMLE test takers are helped in such nice way by UsmleWorld. I really appreciate the content & the quality of questions that Usmleworld provides us in ever changing way. I got 99/259 in step1 & my Usmleworld qbank performance was exactly reflecting my expected result. The self-assessment test also predicts the result with good accuracy."

- Krushil

"Whoever writes the questions on this website is really sincere and dedicated. Only by practicing the questions on your site did I get the real confidence to tackle any question that comes my way. Doing the step1 exam was a breeze!!! My score is 236/99,Thank God and thank USMLE WORLD."

- Rajeswari

"The USMLEWORLD Q BANK is Stupendous!!!! I used it for step 1 and scored a 241/99 and I used it solely for Step 2 CK and I got 254/99. This is the world's best Qbank. Don't be fooled by the expensive Kaplan Q Bank."

- Joseph

"Since I started to prepare the steps I chose your Qbanks for practicing . Yesterday I received my score report of the step 2ck and I pass!!!! I only did 50% of your Qbank and I got 232/96. In step 1 I got 240/99 and only did 70% of the Q bank . It is really fantastic the level of your questions and how usuful are they to review all topics. Thank you very much and keep working!!!!"

- Juan

"I am an IMG and used your questions for all steps and I must say that it is the best out there. I passed with 98, 96 and 97 in steps 1, 2 and 3 respectively and now in a top ten IM training program. Thanks for the great work. Your questions are closest to the real ones."

- George

"My story is simple. Back in May 2009 I took my first practice NBME and got a 175. 6 weeks later I took the USMLE and scored a 215. Yes it's not the best score in the world, but it's a 40 point increase. I want to know what program or review course out there yields those results. Further, I'd like to state for the record that I'm neither top of my class or a good test taker. I only completed about 80% of the USMLEWORLD question bank and that's all I did. LITERALLY, ALL I STUDIED WAS USMLEWORLD and about 70% of the FIRST AID. I DID NOT OPEN A SINGLE BOOK. I say these things not to brag or impress, but to motivate you all out there scared of this exam. This program really works! I went up 40 points and I didn't even finish the question bank once. Trust me that if you actually take the time to really go through these questions at least twice there should be no reason why you should fear this exam. The KEY to this exam is ACTIVE LEARNING! You can read all the theory and books you want, but the moment you sit down and read these questions is when you start making CONNECTIONS. Connections between topics, diseases, etc. THAT'S WHAT THE USMLE TESTS. They're not going to simply ask you to regurgitate information. YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO APPLY APPLY APPLY, and WORLD does a great job at this. To me these questions are the most representative of what you'll see on test day. The rest is up to you! GOOD LUCK!"

- Oscar

"I wanted to write to thank you for providing such an excellent product for Step 1 preparation. I just received my score and ended up with 280/99! Having used your product as well as the other available ones, your Qbank and practice tests were by far the closest to the actual Step 1. The explanations were succinct and accurate and were a tremendous aid to my preparation. I will use your products for future test preparation and recommend them most highly to younger classes of students at my school."

- Greg

"I got a fellowship in the US and needed to comlete my USMLE to take up the post. 10 years post my basic medical degree, MBBS, I thought that would be a very difficult task. Thanks to your online question bank, which is the only preparation I did, I got scores of 95 and 99 for my Step 1 and Step 2ck. Thanks a million."

- Leo

"Your qbank was most like the real test. I scored a 241/99 and owe it to using this qbank!"

- Zack

"I Just wanted to say that UsmleWorld is the best :excellent info, affordable price and available to everyone! Thank you for making it easy for us to prepare for the USMLE"

- Dana

"I am a 4th year medical student. I used your service to prepare for USMLE I last year. Actually, for USMLE I, I completed approximately 8,000 questions. I completed Kaplan QBank, USMLEWorld, and USMLERx as well as the NBME Pratice Exams (CBSSA). After taking USMLE I, I thought that World was by far the most informative, well-designed question bank and was the most similar to the USMLE I."

"This year, our school used Kaplan as our official board prep course. I completed the Kaplan qbank. I then purchased and completed USMLEWorld and Practice Exam as I felt that it would prepare me the most for USMLE-II. I sat for USMLE II yesterday...USMLEWORLD, again came was incredibly reflective of the actual exam...I am grateful for the content and assistance it provided me in my preparation."

- Matthew

"I heard about your site from the blog sites as well as from my friends and I found it quite useful for my step1.As I joined late for your online Qbank,I couldn't finish it.But Still,by the grace of God,I got a score of 96.I found your Q bank really helpful as some of the questions are similar to the Q bank."

- Joseph

"I am writing this to thank you for helping me pass all three steps of USMLE with stellar scores of 99,99 and 98. I took all your question banks and they went a long way in clearing my concepts,increasing my knowledge base and building my confidence. I owe a lot to your team. I would recommend Usmleworld to all USMLE aspirants as it has such original content and is so affordable at the same time. Please keep up the good work and thank you once again."

- Sujata

"I just wanted to thank your site for starting step one questions. The questions were really helpful and helped me pass my exam. I struggled with step 1 and took it multiple times before passing. I tried kaplan's qbank and the firstaid rx questions...the last set of questions that i did were from usmle world and i have to say your questions are by far the best. thanks so much...and i will be registering soon with you all for step 2."

- Janie

"THANK YOU!! Can't tell you how I appreciate y'alls customer service as opposed to Kaplan's in my past experience. thanks a lot :)"

- Deb

"I have had a great experience with your question bank (both content and service-wise), and will continue to recommend it to others at my medical school."

- David

"UW is absolutely awesome. I learned so much from the questions and the explanations. I took my test today and there were so many questions on that test I wouldn't have gotten right without UW. Thank you so much. You guys are the new gold standard. One more thing, the technical service support team is extremely efficient. Wonderful job. I will definitely subscribe again when I take step 2 and 3."

- Michelle

"I have never seen any other course being so helpful and understnading. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I have feeling that you guys are not in it for money. Keep up the good work and you will ace just as I did...99 in step 1."

- Basant

I have taken and successfully passed the step-1 and look forward to subscribe step-2 q's from you all -- your q bank is the best!

- Danielle

My wife & I are taking step 1 in a couple of days and by far your question bank has been the most helpful (we have kaplan & Rx to compare it to). It was challenging but rewarding. Thanks for the close attention to detail with the format and the complete explanations. Thanks again for putting together a quality product!

- Justin

"Thank you so much! I did your questions every single day, all day long for 1.5 weeks before my exam and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I thought your questions were challenging and fair. The explanations were excellent, and I appreciated that they contained diagrams and pictures. The content was spot on with the actual exam. I scored a 250/99! My usmle world score was a 70%. Your questions are harder than the actual exam! Perfect to prepare students like myself... Thank you again, I have been recommending this question bank to everyone I speak to about step 1."

- Emily

"I am a loyal customer and have used your product for Step 1, 2CK, 2CS and scored 93/99/Pass respectively."

- Luis

"I would like to thank you very very much for the great qbanks for step 1 and ck i have scored 99 in both of these exams and your qbanks helped a lot, so thank you again very much and keep the good work. "

- Abayazeed

"I just took the step 1 usmle after doing all of usmleworld, and i must say that you guys are honsestly the best test-simulators out there. thank you, it was worth every penny"

- Hillel

"Respectfully n courteously it is stated that usmleworld is the best source of info n quality n i really appreciate it all. and to all the ppl who managed to make such a challenging bank."

- Saika

"I feel compelled to write a testimonial, although i never do that! I solved 96% of the world Qbank during the month before my step 1 exam, and scored a 235/98. The Qbank, I'm sure , had a lot to do with my grade. The questions were so challenging and varied that solving them wasn't too tedious at all, and the actual exam looked easy in comparison. I would recommend this to anyone, anytime."

- Yana

"I just want to thank God for you guys for helping me pass step 1 after a long stretch of frustration. I have increased my score by 15 points just by going through your question bank once. You are delivering the right material every student need to pass usmle. thank you very much"

- Fred

"I gave my usmle 1 and now i m waiting 4 my results i m ranker of my country and i want to say that usmle world is superb it is the only tool after doing which i got the confidence that i will definately got 99 in step 1 thank u from my heart"

- Chetan

"Wow you guys seriously rock. Through my 4 months of hell preparing for this stupid exam no one has been more helpful than you guys whether it had to do with studying tips, technical support or any other questions (That includes kaplan, my school, etc.) I know most of these things are just a matter of a few clicks but the reality is that most people/organizations out there just flat out don't care to spend an extra second to help anyone out.

I really hope you guys stay this way as you grow. Anytime I contacted you guys I received almost immediate, straight to the point, helpful responses and that is something to brag about! I suggest you guys add a testimonial section to your page so that other students that are shopping around can see my comments and many others out there that feel the same way. There are a lot of Q banks out there and it can be very confusing which one to go with! I know it's unprofessional to talk bad about other products but you guys should definitely talk about your strengths and the weakness of other products because that's what students want to know. I have personally stopped doing Kaplan Q bank (even though I have an active subscription) because of how much tougher your question bank is and the way it integrates information is beyond any other product I've seen.

With that said, if the writers somehow hear me telepathically when I cuss them out along with every family member and friend they've ever known, let them know it's just temporary frustration from always picking the wrong choice between the last two remaining choices and on the day of the exam, I'm sure all the cuss words will turn into gratitude and prayers!"

- Ashtiani

"I think your Qbank is fantastic, both for its content and difficulty. I took Step 1 this March after using your Qbank and scored a 240/99. This was due in no small part to the preparation I received from UW. I told as many people as possible. I wrote a review online comparing all of the most popular Qbanks against each other and concluded that UW was the best choice for difficulty, price, and clarity. To date, this review has been read 6,100+ times since I wrote it in January. I wrote a second, more detailed account of the UW Qbank that has been read an additional 2,500+ times. I hope I have helped UW sell more subscriptions; your service is certainly worth it. I will subscribe to your Step2CK Qbank shortly and look forward to a similarly positive experience. Happy to sing your praises"

- Chris

"Thank You so much for providing such wonderful efforts for us. I had used the Step 1 questions and have found them to be very useful especially in the way that the questions made me feel at ease during the actual examination. The level of difficulty was almost comparable with the real test. I am planning to subscribe for the CK too. Keep up your great job. Many thousand examiners have benifited from your stuff."

- Laxman Pokhrel

"I have been so delighted with you question that I plan to use your challenging questions for my Step 2CK preparation. I am so confident in this material that I plan to recommend this qbank for my class preparation for Step 2CK, the class behind me for Step 1, and to other medical students I know at other medical school. I know USMLEWORLD is a new company, which I had only heard of just recently, but the medical world needs to know that you guys are awesome."

- Greg

"I really want to thank Usmle World and the unit team for making me learn USMLE STEP 1 with so much of knowldge and concepts, I always love your questions especially the explainatioins, I have done seen all q banks but you guys do the best job, "HANDS DOWN"!!!!!. okay! I think i have made my point."

- Asif

"You have no idea how much your exam mirrored the real exam. Your questions were much tougher and the things that they wanted to know was in your explanation...b/c your question went a step beyond and made me think harder about concepts & those concepts were what showed up on the exam. Those concepts were explained in detail in explanation. This Qbank is far superior & when I got through the first made me even more confident throughout the rest of the exam. I was like...this is all you got...the best you have come up with...I was smiling through a lot of question like, these are the same Qs & concepts stressed in UW.  I felt like 75-80 percent of the exam was from UW. I didn't finish the qbank, so I am thinking the other 20-25 percent was in the qbank too...amazing!"

- Bouyer

"This e-mail aims simply at taking the opportunity to thank the USMLE Team for their dedication to exellence in putting this whole Q-Bank together. It is truly a real learning tool and has helped me personally gather skills, build confidence and solidify my base of knowledge. I have found your questions to be really great. Thank you once again"

- Chery

"Dear UsmleWorld, In June i had sent you an email regarding your step 2ck question bank in that it was the utmost best thing i did before i walked into my step 2ck because i ended up getting a 90 on my first attempt for ck. Before that i had taken step 1 2x and failed by one point and was bout to give up med and i decided to give the step 2 a try, i passed then reattempted the step one....i delayed it as long as i could till ur step one qbank came out, no lie, and let me tell you something. you guys did it again!! i got a 85 on this final attempt!!! one year ago i failed my step one the second time i was depressed as hell and decided to switch exams.

Now exactly one year later i wrote both step 2ck and step one only once each and passed with a 90 and 85 respectively and i 100% believe it was your question banks as that was what gave me the edge on the step one. the kaplan question bank was not enough it was too simple in comparison to the actual exams. the step one question banks you guys came up with gave me a more accurate view of what the exam would be asking me. You guys no lie, are the secret weapon for passing these 2 exams respectively. You have no idea the gratitude i feel toward what you have done for me, showing my weakness in awnsering the questions and giving such good explainations. Keep up the good work and i wish you guys nothing but the best. Thanks Once Again."

- Simi Ramachandran

"hi..i am very much satisfied with usmle world q-bank..i am feeling a bit more confident after doing these questions and reading the explanations many of which r well explained in a concise manner..i have recommended so many of my friends to do these and get advantage of these,,finally i like to thank all the staff of usmle world for the great effort u have put in costituting this q-bank and helping us for preparation for usmle"

- sreedhar

"Thank you so much you can not imagine how much you have helped me I will tell all my colleagues studying for the test how helpful you have been and to subscribe."

- Katheriner

"I would like to thank you people for excellently organising and explaining the concepts in clinical knowledge. I am from India and even in my medical school, I never knew these concepts well. I am a fresh 2004 graduate. I am proud of being a Doctor. You teached the beauty of Medicine. Thanks a bunch!!!!"

- Mythri

"Thanks! Once again, you guys have come through for me with my technical problems (even on a Sunday afternoon, no less!)"

- Urmen

"I am extremely suprised at the speed of your response. I thank you guys for your excellent service and product. Thanks again"

- Vipul

"I am overwhelming pleased with my service and the quality of the questions and explanations."

- Matthew

"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to my problem (which was entirely my own fault). I have been extremely impressed with the quality of your product and will definitely be recommending your qbank to the underclassmen at my medical school. I will definitely be using usmleworld for my step 2 prep."

- Mike

"I have never seen such impeccable support before in my life! I am so greatful and thank you so so much!!!"

- Nayla

"You guys are the best! Thank you so much for your compassion! I don't what else to say besides thank you! This truly is the future of customer service...your company will be blessed with prosperity!"

- Jordan

"Thank you so much for the generous support! You are truly a blessing to me in a difficult time..."

- Korcz

"I think it is excellent I recommended it to my friends that are going to take the test this year because it contain a complete material to prepare for the test and in our future prctice."

- Tamra

"Thank you for your service. I think it is the source we need. I would like to say thanks for give us hard questions and the FRED software. Your questions are very well explained."

- Valery

"I found your website content to be EXTREMELY helpful, much more so than the Kaplan's Qbank, i've only written one step so far but i will definitely continue to use it in the future. Keep adding to the questions database and continue the good work!!"

- lolly

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