Information on how to interpret new score reports
SeFa49472738 (Posts 1)
1/8/2012 9:25:16 PM
Hi guys,
The changes in score report has made a lot of confusion for everyone and how to interpret the scores. I found out these links very useful. It clearly says that we should only use 3digit score to compare the student's performance after and before Oct.2011, it means all the 3digitscores whether reported based on new or old scale are comparable and have same value BUT 2digit score scale is not comparable between the new and old scale report and also 2digit score "does NOT reflect percentile". So based on this, for example a new 220 (now 80 on new 2dig scale) has the same value as 220 in past years (which was reported 94). It clearly mentions that in this new score system 3digit scores are correlated with drastically lower 2digit scores compared to the past, and the only comparible score (in new and old system) is 3DIGIT socers NOT 2digit (dont compare 2digits and dont panic)!! Good news!!

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