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ANAB79922582 (Posts 1)
5/25/2009 7:12:53 AM
Hello all,

Anyone have any advice for getting into ENT?
Anyone know anyone who's gotten into an ENT residency program?

many thanks
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dede51432438 (Posts 1)
8/4/2009 1:40:04 PM
Advice for getting ENT? It's a tough residency to get for US grads, so it's even more difficult for FMG/IMGs.

You need:

Incredibly high Step Scores (240+ for an IMG)
Research with publications (preferably 4+)
Outstanding evaluations
Plenty of USCE, preferably related to ENT
Brilliant interviewing skills
A healthy dose of luck.

I do have a friend in ENT residency now, but he's a USDO grad. Sharp guy, excellent candidate, international research work, humanitarian aid and missionary experience on multiple continents, etc.

In short, as an FMG/IMG it is unequivocally a long shot. But if you have the stuff, GO FOR IT!

More information for those interested in ENT can be found at:

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